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I'm Tai.

Did you know the ancient Greeks called theater the "seeing place"?

It's a place where a mirror is put up in front of the world and we are urged to truly see one another.

I'm a Miami bred, New York city based theater maker specializing in new works and immersive theater throughout the US.  As a deviser and director, my work is character-driven and socially conscious, spanning from hyper-realistic to satirical. My work focuses on bridging cultural gaps and identity of self.


Also a playwright, I wrote and directed Kleonostium, a Greek epic reimagining, the comedic Not Quite Ripe, and am currently writing Lucky, a play focusing on what it really means to love and how one family's inability to successfully share it affects their community.

My work asks big questions, requires involvement, confronts our fears and prejudices, and encourages us to be better humans.


Let's create "seeing places" together.


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